Microgaming Dragon Shard Slot Review


About Dragon Shard Slot

The Microgaming slot machine features mystery symbols and free spins with win boosters. This new release is part of their recent collaboration with Stormcraft to deliver an adventure-style game where players can encounter powerful heroes or dragons while exploring ancient ruins set at iconic locations like medieval Europe’s Iceland; New Zealand on Earth Day—perfect for you if beach vacations don’t sound too appealing this year! The reel layout includes images related specifically chosen by these two companies: ice castles made out of snowflake bricks – which may seem quaint until they start counting down your coins–and fiery cottages heated through fires within.

Dragon Shard Gameplay

The 40 paylines on this slot machine will reel you in with their high RTP of 96.41%. A 5 x 5 grid allows for more possibilities, allowing players to win big time!

Game Symbols

The slots game is more than just a few reels filled with symbols. The ones you’ll find on each machine depend entirely upon where they fall from one another and what their values are (high-value cards worth more points). In this case, our player has landed five consecutive appearances by card backer Fire Queen across her paylines, which would bring them 8X their wager if matched perfectly!

Landing on a payline will award you 1,4, or 20 times your total stake.

Dragon Shard Gameplay

The game is about trying to beat the Ice King and his Fire Queen counterpart. You can earn Spin Boosters by placing bets which will give you more payouts when your symbols line up, but first, make sure that the “Win Booster” button has been pressed before spinning!

Dragon Shard Gameplay

When you press the ‘Coin Stack’ button on your slot machine, it will take you to a betting panel where all those coins are waiting for their turn. You can alter how much money is being put into each line by pressing “up” or “down,” depending if they need more/less, while also changing what number comes out next!

The first button on the right side of this game board will allow you to adjust how fast reels spin.

The Circular Arrows button allows you to access a special panel where uninterrupted and automated spins can be performed.

Special/ Bonus Features

win booster is an interesting addition not many slots offer. Turning on will increase your chances of getting mystery symbols, which often lead to higher pay lines and more wins.